Grupo Ramos Ferreira is built upon immutable principles.

Ramos Ferreira Group is built upon immutable principles: Innovation, search for knowledge, competence, loyalty and team spirit are incorporated values in this business organization by a human capital that preserves the family concept. To this priceless heritage is associated management focused on clients and staff, continuous technological update, the pursuit of excellence in all fields of intervention. This is our engineering of success, an act of future creation..

Started in 1981 by Engineer Manuel Nunes Ramos Ferreira, the group upholds its past fulfilling a strategy of continuous growth. With sustainability, ascertaining opportunities, investing in investigation and in the qualification of its human resources, a policy of expansion defined to encompass new markets and new business areas.

Today, thanks to this investment, Ramos Ferreira is synonymous with quality, trust and competitiveness. In addition to Portugal the group is firmly established in Angola, Algeria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Mozambique and United Kingdom, preparing its entry into new markets. Its name is associated with large partners and works with a direct intervention in several sectors, Electrical installations, Telecommunications, Building Management System, Security, Water and Sewage, HVAC, Fire Protection, Industrial Refrigeration, Gas and Lifts, are engineering areas for which the companies groups are responsbile. Ramos Ferreira is also a company specialized in the different phases of the Project, Design, Installations and After-Sales, providing an overall and wholly integrated solution.

By living its philosophy Ramos Ferreira displays a financial strength which is founded on proactive leadership and a happy and cohesive team. The appreciation of the human resource based on a policy of social consciousness, is inseparable from the identity of the business group which is considered a business model, recognized by the award of prizes and certifications that are witness to the Quality, Environment, Safety and Work Excellence vectors.