Ramos Ferreira is a company that is on the market for more
than 35 years, dignifying its past through a solid commitment
to people and a strategy of continuous growth

The Ramos Ferreira pathway has been driven by a constant search for a sustained increase of turnover. The expansion to other geographical areas is now a reality and it is part of the Group’s daily activity. It is present in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia in ten countries with more than 450 employees. The diversifcation of the business areas is also a winning focus and it is consolidating an offer of integrated solutions and services.
As a specialized company on the following stages of the construction work – design, installation and facilities management – Ramos Ferreira is associated with major partners and works in different sectors. Apart from electricity, HVAC, telecommunications, building management systems, security, water, and sewage and elevators, Ramos Ferreira has now three new performance areas: fre protection,industrial refrigeration and gas.
Thanks to a global vision and professional and dedicated management as well, but above all to Human Resources investment and a policy of continuous improvement, Ramos Ferreira is synonymous with quality, trust and competitiveness.
The number of awards and distinctions already received speaks for itself.
The path of those who have worked for more than 35 years in a spirit of a unique union could only be this one, along with an environment of commitment, competence, resilience and above all with the participation of all workers. Something that makes us proud and makes us look at the day after with an optimistic view.

Welcome to the future.